Trieschmann Exhibit Development ~ Orange Propeller
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Trieschmann Exhibit Development

Creating an exciting brand for an exhibit design consultancy

Helping to launch a new initiative or business is exciting. It’s a critical time to make decisions regarding your mission, product and services and developing communications to market your new venture. We work closely with our small businesses to develop their brand and fine tune its messaging. Being involved at the grass roots level allows us to work seamlessly with leadership in creating a comprehensive communications package that fits their budget. Trieschmann Exhibit Development had an opportunity to network with potential clients at an quickly approaching expo, so we created an entire brand, identity, business card, leave-behind and website within a compressed timeline to make it happen.

We mined and organized content, wrote headlines and curated images—working with the founder to create the pitch and a concise script for the website and leave-behind for the expo. The concept behind the logo was to create an image that was playful, yet controlled, and would have the option to incorporate museum experience icons into the logo to bring a family fun feel to the brand. The biggest challenge was creating a logotype that would work well given the length of the company name. It ended up being the strength of the brand.




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