Jewish Child & Family Services ~ Orange Propeller
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Jewish Child & Family Services

Negotiating the merger of two non-profits into a new brand.

Jewish Children’s Bureau and Jewish Family Services merged to create Jewish Child & Family Services with the branding guidance of Orange Propeller. The merging of these two 100+ year old entities was complex and involved the alignment of philosophy and corporate culture to successfully complete the process.

The resulting brand is a perfect blend of the two into one paying homage to the long history of both organizations. In this spirit, the tagline was developed to celebrate the new social services organization with a fresh outlook on the future: Redefine What’s Possible.

The new positive-energy brand was rolled out using all available media from print to web. Custom brochures and brochure templates were developed for 30 programs over 14 locations, branded formal events celebrated the new merger, and employees at all levels felt a sense of renewal for both the organization and their clients.


Social Services


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