Catholic Extension ~ Orange Propeller
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Catholic Extension

Engaging younger Catholics

A brand steeped in tradition and history, Catholic Extension, a Papal Society, expressed its brand using rich tones and photos of mission diocese communities. Orange Propeller gently moved the brand into a more vibrant color palette and a more contemporary typographic expression reflecting an organization that is current and responsive.

Imagery was moved from group shots of community and staff to editorial portraits that told the story of a movement—to grow the Catholic church in the under-resourced and remote regions of the United States.

The brochure entitled “Come and See” was developed to feature the voice of the organization’s president, Father Wall, and is a storied journey of faith and need across the United States—while showcasing the impact that donor gifts have in these growing Catholic communities.

Orange Propeller also provides creative for Catholic Extension annual reports and special Socius Circle events across the country.




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