Bott Roofing ~ Orange Propeller
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Bott Roofing

Refreshing the look and website of local roofers.

When a company decides to make a change in the emphasis of their services, it’s a great time to update their brand and logo—using it to call attention to these changes and relaunching the brand with its new message. Bott Roofing had decided that its work in commercial roofing was where they wanted to take the business moving forward. They would do this while maintaining the residential business and continuing to grow the spray foam insulation business. The original logo reflected a residential roofing business and didn’t support the commercial side. So a redesign of the logo was necessary to ensure that the trucks, hard hats and website reflected a commercial roofing company. The final solution used perspective to create a commercial roof line that could also be interpreted as a residential roof line. The coloration and style of the mark were maintained in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new identity.

We want to bring the right customers to the table. Redeveloping the website to reflect the new emphasis in services offered, and bringing the site up to current standards in form and function will support the success of the new business goals. The new site is not only responsive to better serve customers on mobile devices, but reflects the personality and professionalism of the company. The decidedly more industrial look and feel supports the new emphasis on commercial roofing while the crafted presentation gives a sense of precision and thoughtfulness. The site was also designed around user personas in order to better communicate the right messages to the right audience. And then to make it easier for visitors to reach out for more information, we incorporated contact forms in the footer of each page.




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