AT&T Wireless ~ Orange Propeller
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AT&T Wireless

Launching mLife in the Chicago Market. #ThrowbackThursday

Orange Propeller was charged with bringing AT&T’s mLife services message to the Chicago markets in a local and relevant way. As part of an ongoing grassroots effort, our personal, local experiences as Chicagoans were brought into play as we created believable scenarios and interchanges that highlight the advantages of an mLife. The devices may be more sophisticated today, but this is really an origin story.

In the ongoing war over customers in the telecommunications market, sweepstakes were one of the tools used to grow and keep client base. Being one of the largest markets in the U.S., Chicago had plenty of opportunities to showcase the AT&T Wireless Ultimate Experience campaign. Orange Propeller provided print and web advertising, packaging and collateral supporting these campaigns.




advertising, point of purchase, exhibit design, event graphics