About ~ Orange Propeller | Arlington Heights Graphic Design
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Our philosophy

Branding is a powerful tool that rallies your organization around your ideals—clarifying your message and focusing on growth. Orange Propeller drives brands by discovering and harnessing your authentic voice to engage your audience. Then we employ graphic design and marketing strategies to create the right environment for your message.

Orange Propeller designs web and print communications that are focused on business goals, providing insights on every aspect of your brand experience, from website to on-site. Business goals drive your business, and we work diligently to help you realize and surpass these goals every day.

Customer-centered service is our hallmark. You’ll enjoy the creativity of an outside agency matched with the responsiveness of an in-house department. We become integral members of your marketing team—your success is the measure of ours.

Creative is the water we swim in. But it’s not just about being clever or thinking outside the box. We ask questions like: is it authentic, does it inspire, will it create action, and is it appropriate? We consider your audience, your brand personality, your message, and your media—and then immerse your message in creativity to bring it to life.

Our approach to design is rooted in experience and authentic connection. We understand that decisions involve analysis of data—but are triggered through motivating emotions.